T-mobile Turns Head On Lumia 810 Update



The Brighter Side

Microsoft must strike now with larger screen phones and smaller tablets while the market is still hot for that line of products. Look where the sales are at now. Consumer interest level is high right now on the Windows 8 product line. The opportunity is there so open up the gate. Put a survey using Bing to see what the customer wants.

Surface Tablet or Surface Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Tablet is far from a bad product. The marketing for the tablet is all so wrong. I said it at first with different words from the first tv ad, this is clearly a laptop with a detachable key board. The price point says it all. This will be the down fall of a good product. The main object for any product on the shelf is to hit the masses, every person, and every child must have it in their hands (share holder smiles). The Surface is clearly showing the best of two worlds but mostly just a laptop. My opinion Windows 8 just do not offer a true tablet on the market yet. This could change down the road with a 7″ or 8″ version. As far as the Surface being out of stock, right. This is make a demand for the product by shipping small supplies to distributors to increase buzz and demand for the product to increase slump sales. I have a Nokia 810 Windows 8 phone and love it. I am also running Windows 8 operational system on my beast of a PC I gelled together.

Where are the Windows?

Android the sweet spot for 3.2 all the way up to a 6.1-inch screen phone. That is a very good thing for Android fans. The big question for Microsoft fans are? Where are the Window Phone 8 large screens. Looking, looking, and searching for the Windows Phone 8 phone tab is a walk in the dark without a flashlight. (No where to be found.) Where are the 5-inch plus phones on the 8? If you love the Windows Phone 8 set up do we stay patient or jump ship?

T-mobile Nokia 810

If you like hot products or even super tech items this will be one of those products to have in your hands the day of release. The Nokia 810 is a welcomed power house update that has been on my waiting radar since it was announced.  In less than a day in the morning of 11-14-2012 when the doors open at my favorite T-Mobile store I will be walking in to fork over the hard earned cash.  For me this will be my item that I grab hot before the day gets cold. I have only joined in on the windows phone party bus since the Mango release, because previous products fell short and boring. I truly felt that the product line did not have what it took to hold down my needs nor interest.  The update 7.5 metro style was all it took to get me hooked with the smooth custom layout, easy people hub, cool apps, pin to start screen, Xbox and computer integrations, oh and plenty more stuff. What was left in the old was slow downs, screen freezes, and random phone resets.  I am very pleased with what Microsoft has put out and can not wait to get may hands on Windows Phone 8 Nokia style. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=Nokia-Lumia-810

Galaxy Note 2 stand and play

I just left the T-mobile store to test the Galaxy Note 2 and wow its light, thin, and speedy. The screen size doesn’t seem that bad, but in saying that I don’t have small hands either. I’m still on the side line with it at the moment because the cost will set me back $419.99 and this is not my main purchase in cell phones for this year. The money must go to my number one T-mobile anticipation the Nokia 810 and some accessories.