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The Beast That Cries Power

Today marks another big day for me and T-mobile.  Another great adventure awaits as soon as the UPS delivery person drops off another superstar to my collection.  This beast of a machine will sit in the commanding front of the line of my chosen. Wow, this baby holds 800 brains at the rate of 2.3 with 3 saying I can hold 64 more please don’t hesitate. My ears start to ring then I hear whispers of 4.3 you know I got it, over and over. Then loudly what’s your band? I bet I have it rolling over T-mobile’s LTE. What’s that  your saying in stereo? Your  5.7 and fit good in my large hands. Cool let’s see if that’s true as I S Pen on the super amoled. Snap! snap! Are you 13 pixeling me automatically? That’s cool because of the zero lag time they will turn out great. I understand with 3,200 worth of power I’ll be tired of the flash before you. I understand that you will not play nice with Xperia Z or Lumia 810. So I have a plan to let one sleep for awhile.   I’m thinking of turning the 810 into just the media device, because I enjoy the Z so much. Thanks, just me thinking out loud.


Posted from Hoopzoo where tech is wild.