Gadget Gestures Sony Xperia Z Ultra Rumored to Release on September 13, To Face off against Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Gadget Gestures

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Two Steps Forward One Step Back Holding Full HD 1080

I have gone and done it now. I have done what I said I would not do again.
What? I have purchased an Android phone. The only thing that I can say is when you love tech it is hard to pass it up when it is hot. The Sony Xperia Z is the only phone that could of pulled me back in to the robot Droid arms. Wow and why? 1.. T-Mobile network 2.. Screen size 5″ screen 3.. LTE 4.. Quad core processor 5.. Full HD 1080, 13.1 MP camera rear, & 2.2 MP front camera 6.. Micro SD slot up to 64 GB 7.. This is my hottest feature next to my #1. Water proof is not it. It was made by Sony and I already had an account because I own a PlayStation unit (movies, music, and pictures). End… The phone has other features my other choice was the Nokia Lumia 1020, but that idea was dead in the water when announced for AT&T. I’m rocking 2 phones for now my Nokia Lumia 810 is still in hand. For me the Nokia Lumia 925 was not that much of a jump to put down my Nokia Lumia 810. Oh yeah we are rocking his and hers Xperia Z’s Black & Purple.